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Our coaching is based on the philosophy of Appreciative Inquiry.

This approach focuses on the strengths of individuals and teams – Understanding moments and areas of excellence provides a personalised model for achieving further excellence. It is about finding the formula that makes a team function which in turn, produces more synergy. Teams naturally become happier, self-esteem and morale are increased which leads to greater productivity of an optimum standard.

Diversity is celebrated and acknowledgement of different strengths, processing styles and meta views are welcomed. This means a team fits together like a puzzle with everyone’s strengths being utilised to create a bridge across the limitations. Also, there tends to be a greater acceptance of one’s limitations when your strengths are celebrated and recognised. This is the ultimate strength-based approach, delivering true results. Our commitment to increasing inclusion and diversity has formed the basis for our Safe Space Race and Racism workshop.

Safe Space Race and Racism Workshop

This is an Inclusion and Diversity workshop with a difference. It is engaging and dynamic, including useful information and overflowing with discussion and debates. Lived experiences are always included either in person or through multi media interviews. This is not a text book experience on a PowerPoint. This is a forum for real dialogue about Race and Racism.
Socially it is difficult to find places where it is safe to discuss Race. It is a highly charged part of life that many choose to ignore out of sheer discomfort. Often there is a lack of confidence in what the right terminology is, and/or a fear of saying something wrong and being labelled racist. These are barriers to honest conversations about Race and Racism. Without safe spaces to talk, race relations will not truly move forward. If we cannot get better interactions among different Racial groups, then we can neither have inclusion; or reap the rewards of diversity within organisations.
The killing of George Floyd, the Windrush scandal, Grenfell Tower and the disproportionate impact of Covid 19 on people of colour, shatters any illusions that racism is a thing of the past. The social construct of Race is powerful! It is no longer good enough to pretend not to see colour. We all do. Now it is time to get together and really share our thoughts, fears, questions and opinions. No topic is off limits, as long as it does not perpetrate a hate crime, seek to degrade or humiliate.
For deeper work within your organisation, Inclusion Coaching will optimise communication, and productivity through active inclusion, and strategizing the diverse qualities within your team. Individual coaching for staff can help them with their professional development.  Coaching is effective at every organisational level including  for founders, executives and trustees.

Leading a company, being an owner/manager or heading up a team or function can be isolating at times. Many Executives and Senior Managers benefit from the support of  a coach.


Coaching enables individuals to get tailored support that meets their specific needs.


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