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Arise is built on the philosophy that anything is possible with planning, flexibility and effective goal setting. We believe that any personal or professional aspiration can be achieved with the appropriate guidance, vision and determination. There are often obstacles that stand in the way of achieving goals; but with quality life or business coaching, strategies can be used to reduce these limitations.

Often, we are the obstacles in our way. Have you ever really wanted to do something but then you talked yourself out of it? Or have you procrastinated so much, that years go by and you still haven’t accomplished your goal? I’m sure most people will have examples of this in their lives. This is very common; even among highly successful people. Many people have an underlying fear of failure which can prevent them from even starting to try to attain the things they want. For some individuals, they start things but never end up completing their ventures. They self-sabotage the project so that it can’t succeed. If you relate to any of these scenarios then it’s likely that internal scripts are stopping you from accomplishing your potential.

The great news is that these scripts can be re-written and replaced with empowering beliefs. Neuro-Linguistic Programming is great for dismantling old unhelpful beliefs and helping you to create new beliefs that guide you towards what you want in life. Neuro-Linguistic Programming is used to optimise self-belief and internal programmes. Then coaching techniques support you with establishing, clarifying and achieving your desired outcomes.

How do I know that Neuro-Linguistic Programming and coaching work?

Some years ago, I was plagued with low self-esteem and depression. I could not leave my house because of debilitating social anxiety. I had been diagnosed with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder as a child and I had never really gotten over it. My low self-worth led me from one unhelpful situation to another. Many people suggested counselling; but at that time, I felt like I didn’t want to look at the past. I just wanted to learn how to live with my past without it hindering me.

A friend of mine arranged some life coaching sessions for me. After the first 3 sessions, I had strategies in place to help me leave the house. This widened my world and I started to reconnect with my friends and loved ones. I started to feel hope and happiness again which made my son’s life so much better too. Within 3 months I had applied to university and subsequently was accepted on to the BSc (Hons) Social Sciences degree programme at the University of Bath.

I completed my degree, returned to full-time work and after my first full-time job I jumped straight into management. I guest lectured at the University of Roehampton for 5 years inspiring students to always use their professional power for good; reminding them to maintain the human touch in their future employment.

I worked in several roles supporting people, helping them to change their lives through support planning and setting small goals consistently. I learnt that most people know what they want. They just need someone to hold an accountable space whilst being encouraging and challenging them to reach higher and think bigger.

Throughout all of this, I was managing different teams of people. I realised that everyone has blind spots in their self-confidence; from the service users with obvious needs to members of senior management. In my management roles, I always implemented a strength-based approach which resulted in great team morale and greater productivity. Happy and valued employees are more productive and innovative. I decided to do the NLP, Life and Business Performance coaching training so that I could empower people of all demographics, and work with organisations and companies to reach their maximum capability. I became a coach because it works. You can create the life you want.

Cachelle Campbell

BSc (Hons) Social Sciences

Member of the ANLP International CIC

UK College of Personal Development UKCPD.

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